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Learn the fine details of Jiu-Jitsu!

Have you ever wondered what was missing in Jiu-Jitsu Instructional Videos? Were you left feeling like something is missing? After nearly 30 years of training Jiu-Jitsu I'm going to expose the dirty little so called "secrets" that instructors neglect to teach or may not have been taught themselves. Details that I teach my students that has facilitated Zen Jiu-Jitsu in capturing 12x team championships in a very short time and being one of the best competition submission only schools on the east cost. Learn why competing for points actually limits your progression. At Zen Jiu-Jitsu points are not discussed, only submissions and how to chain attaches together, always keeping your opponent on the defense.  Learn why some academies don't like their students attending open mat at other academies. At Zen Jiu-Jitsu I highly encourage all of my students to go to open mats, this opens their eyes to the level of details they are actually being taught.  The progression of the fine details are in the videos, look close. All the instruction is slowed down and repeated as needed. New content will be posted regularly . It's recommend that you take your time to learn the content and drill, drill, drill!

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