"I met and started training with George E. Smith-Tala from 2010-2013, quickly George and I  hit if off with his vast knowledge in Mixed Martial Arts and in my case Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. George was able to see my flaws and adjust my game based on my already established technique, as a family man I can appreciate the fact that he himself has well behaved children and he understands how to deal with the youth. If I where to be close to his Academy my family and I would be training with him."

- Jon Pineiro

BJJ Brown Belt Carlson Gracie Miami

7x World GI & NO-Gi Champion. 2x Panamerican Champion 






4612 W Hwy 74 Suite E
Monroe, NC 28111

"For any potential new students that don't know who Tala is.....
Tala is a GREAT teacher and a incredible grappler! I first trained with him around 2006. We were at the same gym for awhile and with his ability he could roll with me like I was a baby for my whole first 1 + year/s. Fast forward about 6 years....
I had been training hard, had my own skill set, gained a lot of size and strength, and gave a lot of brown and black belts a hard time on the mats. I hadn't rolled with Tala in years.... To my surprise, he still played with me like I was a baby and it was my first day on the mats, haha!! He is as legit as they come and a great cerebral teacher on top of that. You guys are super lucky to have him in NC, so take full advantage of it!!  πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘"

- Randall Tipton

BJJ​ Blue Belt

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"Sensei George is one of my very first BJJ black belts I was honored and proud to promote! He has been training and teaching for two decades! Besides his Jiu-Jitsu experience he holds superior knowledge in strength and conditioning, fitness and many other things! It's awesome that now sensei George will be opening his own academy​ and continue the great work he has been doing for so many years!" 

- Efrian "El Lobo" Ruiz 

BJJ & MMA Instructor at Twin Dragons

​3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt

"I've been training with George E. Smith-Tala now for over 14 years. Throughout that time we've become like family. He's helped me and my students develop and improve many aspects of their Jiu-Jitsu game. Not only will you receive top level instruction, but you'll be learning from a great person in an ego free environment. I consider him my Jiu-Jitsu big brother and mentor. He has a vast wealth of knowledge and an excellent ability to pass his instruction on. Anybody would benefit greatly from Training with George!" 

- Enrico Cocco
Zen Jiu-Jitsu Head Instructor Miami, FL
3x ADCC North American Trials Champion
2x Newbreed Ultimate Grappler 
Bushido Battleground Fight Night Champion
2x ​Fight to Win Pro Champion


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