Mixed Martial Arts is not only useful for competition, it is a great way to protect yourself in unforeseen situations. It involves submission grappling, striking, kicking and take downs.

Classical Western Boxing is a challenging sport and very useful for MMA and self defense.

Both MMA & Boxing are part of our self defense programs. In addition to offering MMA & Boxing for competition. 



Our fitness classes are designed by Prof. George E. Smith-Tala and created to elevate the fitness level of anyone who attends. The 35-45 minute classes are designed to use your own body weight in interval circuit training.  You will destroy fat, improve active mobility & functional strength.  


Kids Martial Arts

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All New students at Zen Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness receive 3 introductory classes. These classes will help determine the experience level and provide a guideline for the instructor on how best to teach each student.  Get started today.

Our Kids Martial Arts Program is designed to help facilitate discipline, respect and self empowerment for children 5+. We offer Brazilian Jiu-JItsu, self defense, anti bullying and fitness for children. In addition Zen Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness offers after school martial arts and summer programs

Classes are divide as follows

BEGINNER / FUNDAMENTALS - The foundation and building confidence, body awareness, the start of an incredible journey!

INTERMEDIATE - The feeling of fluidness!

ADVANCED - Gaining insight and conceptualization of the dynamics of advanced body movements!

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