Prof. Tala is looking for the committed student that has a goal to train with passion. 

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a huge and fast-growing combat sport. Made popular by Bruce Lee the Grand Father of Mixed Martial Arts and recently the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC).  MMA fighters utilize various striking & submission grappling techniques to impose their will over their opponents.

​With our MMA and Boxing program, Prof. George E. Smith-Tala will guide you toward your goals. If your desire is to be a competitive MMA fighter or just want to prepare for the unexpected, Prof George has years of fighting knowledge to train any athlete at any level.​​

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Sun Closed

Prof Tala and Oliver McCall, Heavy Weight Champ 1994 at Warriors Boxing Gym Hollywood FL., Sporting the Talastetics gear after a conditioning session with Oliver.

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Warriors Boxing Gym, Hollywood FL early 2008


Ran into Tank Abbott in California 2005 after sparring at the World Famous Westminster Boxing Gym.